Opera Application for Browsing the internet

Opera is the fastest Web browser offering many powerful features with the latest minimalist design. Made by a company based in Oslo, Norway.

This free software comes in 52 languages, and works on Windows, Mac and Linux.
The most complete Internet browser, Private browsing, Block pop-ups, tabbed browsing, integrated search, And because we know that users have different needs, you can customize the appearance and content of this browser.

This browser is a browser application that is light enough, so it does not take up a large enough hard disk memory on a notebook or PC. Has its own email client and rss so you don't need to use other email clients like Outlook and so on. It has Opera Turbo which can be activated when the connection is slow so that the page loading process can be faster. Cache recall is faster.

Password Manager feature , a pop up will appear when you fill in the password for the site you open, you can save this password so that it will be easier for you to open the same site at a later date.

As we know, one of the advantages of Opera is its ability to compress data traffic by up to 90% which will provide help with the display speed of the web page itself.

It has a "Speed ​​Dial" feature, a feature that allows users to add up to 25 links (or more, by editing the speeddial.ini file) which are displayed in thumbnail form on the page when a new tab is opened. Thumbnails linked to pages are automatically generated and serve for visual recognition of speed dial pages or can be changed using Opera Image Dial Generator. Once set up, this feature makes it easier for users to navigate to the selected web page.

Opera Browser will help you save data usage when used to watch videos while browsing. According to Opera, the buffering process will also be reduced when compared to the previous version.

WINDOWS [32-bit]
WINDOWS [64-bit]
LINUX [deb]
LINUX [rpm]

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