21 Ways to Fix Mozilla Firefox that cannot be opened completely

The internet has now become a necessity for society. With the internet, people's insights can be wide open to get to know the world better. One way to access the internet is to use internet browser software. Many of the best browsers have been released to support your needs for surfing fun. 

One of the best browsers often used by the public is Mozilla Firefox. Mozilla Firefox is an internet browser from Mozilla Inc. which supports openness. One of the advantages of this browser is the number of add-ons / extensions that can add to the functionality of the Mozilla Firefox browser for its users. However, it turns out that this browser has several drawbacks. Among them are sometimes not responding, servers not found, or cannot be opened. Well, in our article this time, we discuss one of these problems, namely this browser sometimes cannot be opened.

What causes Mozilla Firefox not responding or can't be opened? There are several reasons for this, including:

  • There are add-ons, extensions, or plugins that you did not install but were suddenly installed in your Mozilla Firefox browser. This can happen when you are about to download a file on the internet, but you are instead directed to download a kind of "toolbar" or software that you don't know what it is for. After the file is downloaded, you are not even directed to the link where your download file is to be downloaded. So you will most likely click on the file you just downloaded because you think it will "direct" you to the file you are looking for. In fact, it's not like that. You can't find the file you want to download, but it could even contain useless Mozilla Firefox add-ons, extensions, or plugins. And it could be, add-ons, extensions,
  • Error setting in about: config. This address must be known to those of you who are experienced to "set" your Mozilla Firefox browser to be faster, more stable, and better than before it was set ( default or default settings of Mozilla Firefox). To make adjustments to the settings in about: config, caution must be needed. If the result of this setting is wrong, it could result in a problem with the Mozilla Firefox browser. One of them may result in Mozilla Firefox not being opened.

If you happen to be having this problem, you don't have to worry. Because in this article, we will discuss how to fix Mozilla Firefox that can't be opened . After you try the methods that we have written below, it is guaranteed that your Mozilla Firefox will return to running as usual. Here are the ways:

  1. From the Desktop view, press Ctrl + Alt + Del and select Start Task Manager. This method is to direct you to the Windows Task Manager view.
  2. Look for Mozilla Firefox on the Applications tab or Firefox.exe on the Process tab.
  3. After meeting, right click then select End Process. After that, Mozilla Firefox will exit by itself.
  4. Click Start> All Programs> right click on Mozilla Firefox option> select Mozilla Safe Mode
  5. Later several options will appear before opening the Safe Mode version of Mozilla Firefox. Check everything, then select Make Changes and Restart.
  6. Wait a moment for Mozilla Firefox to restart and re-open.
  7. After Mozilla Firefox opens, select the menu on the orange button that says "Firefox" (old version) or three horizontal lines (new version).
  8. Click add-ons / extensions
  9. Remove some unnecessary add-ons or add-ons that were not installed without your knowledge and are useless.
  10. Also take a look at the plugins tab and remove unnecessary plugins that you didn't install before.
  11. After all useless add-ons / extensions / plugins have been removed, restart Mozilla Firefox, by closing Mozilla Firefox, then reopening it.

Sometimes, even if you removed plugins / extensions in the Add-ons tab, you still need to uninstall them from your Windows. The method is as follows:

  1. Klik Start > Control Panel > Uninstall Programs atau Add / Remove Programs
  2. Look for an application / software called a toolbar for the Mozilla Firefox browser. If you are confused, the point is to remove anything related to the toolbar or browser. (As long as you don't delete the browser, then Mozilla Firefox will disappear, hehehe. If it's already deleted, calm down. There is a way to restore deleted Mozilla Firefox )
  3. Restart Mozilla Firefox Anda.

If you have tried the fourteen methods above but it turns out that your Mozilla Firefox instead displays the message "Server Not Found", follow a few ways to solve the Mozilla Firefox server not found .

Well, in addition to the fourteen methods above, there are still more ways to fix Mozilla Firefox that can't be opened. Here are the ways:

  1. Press Windows key + R on the keyboard
  2. Type "firefox.exe -p" (without the quotes), then click OK
  3. Next, the Select Mozilla Firefox User Profile will appear. In this section, create a new profile, then click the "Run Firefox!" Button. And then, your Mozilla Firefox can be opened again.

For your information, after you do the three methods above, the data that you previously stored on Mozilla Firefox such as add-ons, automatic form fields, and bookmarks will be lost. You could say, your Mozilla Firefox will appear as if it was the first time it was installed.

Then how do you restore all your data? Take it easy, you just have to copy the default profile file to the profile you just created. And the next question, where is the location of the default profile folder on your computer? And where is the copy of the profile folder?

The default location of the profile folder is% APPDATA% \ Mozilla \ Firefox \ Profiles \ xxxxxxxx.default \. Additional information for you,% APPDATA% is a short alias for the folder C: \ Users \ (user name) \ AppData \ Roaming \ for OS Windows 7 and above or the folder C: \ Documents and Settings \ (user name) \ Application Data \ for Windows 2000 and above. The username depends on your Windows username (username). Meanwhile, xxxxxxxx is any text with a length of 8 characters.

The way to copy it is quite easy, like you are copying an ordinary file. Here's how:

  1. Select your old profile folder in the default profile folder that we have written above.
  2. Press Ctrl + C on the keyboard
  3. Select the profile folder you created earlier
  4. Press Ctrl + V on the keyboard

If you have tried all of the methods above, but instead add new problems, such as not responding, follow the method for overcoming not responding on Mozilla Firefox on our website. But the problem is still not resolved, it's a sign you have to reinstall your computer * er wrong * means your Mozilla Firefox hehe. Relax, you can download Mozilla Firefox for free on the internet. Make sure you download the latest version for a better internet experience.

And so that the same incident does not happen again, make sure you do not click download files containing unnecessary add-ons, extensions, or plugins and do not set the default settings in about: config. Initially, don't get stuck into the same hole. If you still want to add features to your Mozilla Firefox browser, make sure you download it from the official Mozilla Firefox source. Take it easy, how come there are many variants of add-ons, extensions and plugins that you can choose from there. And of course all officially from Mozilla Inc, as the maker of Mozilla Firefox.

How do we explain how to fix Mozilla Firefox that won't open? Can all the explanations that we have presented above solve your Mozilla Firefox browser problem? Hopefully your Mozilla Firefox problem can be resolved.

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